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We help people to open and manage successful gyms, fitness clubs, and the best fitness facilities across India.

Are you looking to open a new gym or manage existing fitness facilities? Don't know where to start or just need new, fresh ideas?

Good News! You have come to the right place. We provide stress-free services to achieve your goals. We offer a comprehensive service designed to save you time and money. Similarly, We have a wide variety of business opportunities at different investment levels. So, whatever your goal is, our gym consultant is here to help you.

Who we are

Firstly, Gymers Consultant is a gym management company. Secondly, we have a team of dedicated experts and managers. They have extensive industry experience in the fitness industry. Especially in club design & setup, consulting, and gym management services. We have developed various programs that help in expanding your gym and your market-based.

We manage everything for you!

Gymers consultant provides the ideal one-stop shop for gym business solutions.

Why choose us as the best gym management company

Because, we know how important it is for you to be successful in business. In addition, we have over a decade of fitness and business-related experience.
Similarly, we believe in collaboration. Hence, we work with you to identify priority areas of focus. Secondly, we provide the appropriate guidance to explore options and make decisions. This process totally helps you to make important decisions for your business.
Gym Design & Setup

We work with top fitness facility developers to design a luxury and profitable space. Most importantly, We create an elegant, profitable, and highly compact fitness facility.

Gym Location Study

We do a complete analysis of the market prospects and opportunities for your new gym startup.

Gym Business Plan

We prepare a detailed presentation business proposal for your new gym start-up. This can help you attract investors and banks.

Financial Plan & Forecast

Get a complete financial forecasting plan with solid sales projections. Plus, get detailed reports of Profit & Loss, Total Investment, and ROI

Equipment Supply

We are associated with various fitness brands specializing in gym equipment. They are fully capable of offering the best price and saving to our clients.

Gym Marketing & Sales

We offer the most comprehensive marketing, sales strategy, and planning. It can drive brand accuracy and exponentially increase revenue.​

Pre-Sales Support

Our sales consultants have had great success in launching pre-sales for fitness clubs. Most importantly, It has been done across India.

Existing Gym Solutions

We have a proven track record of working with existing gyms that feel stagnant or have been left behind. We can take them with competitions to the next level.

Corporate Gym Solutions

We have designed and built beautiful corporate gyms with many different budgets. Also, we provide turnkey gym management services.

Our amazing clients

"Amazing Designs and Quality Work!"

Sachin Tanwar
Sachin Tanwar
Owner - Smash Fitness - Gurugram
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When we decided to hire a gym management company to manage our gym, The first thing we found was Gymers. Therefore, we handed over our gym to them and freed ourselves completely. They made many changes in a very short time. I've seen many small, cost-effective changes that bring the best feel and approach to my gym.
Most importantly! Gym members said they have had great customer service and a great workout experience. In conclusion, I must say, it was a great experience. I would definitely recommend them for the excellent gym management services.
Chitresh Sharma
Chitresh Sharma
Owner - Revamp Fitness Studio - Delhi
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I am the owner of Revamp Fitness Studio designed and built by Gymers Consultant. First of all, I must say that it is one of the most professional and experienced gym management company in India. They have built a very impressive and beautiful fitness club. Most importantly, they have completed this entire gym setup on time as promised. Moreover, my gym is still in their hands and officially managed by their gym consultant. In conclusion, if you are looking to get a gym management company, I would definitely recommend it.
Mayank Goswami
Mayank Goswami
Managing Director - Wolfpack Fitness - Noida
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I am running a fitness club named Wolfpack Fitness based in Noida, and built by Gymers Consultant.

The entire gym setup specifically includes,
Design and Setup, Location Study, Business Plan & ROI, Operations, Recruitment, Training, Pre-Sales, Branding and marketing as well.

Above all, they are very professional people and experienced in their work. If you're considering hiring a gym management company, I must recommend Gymers Consultant.

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